Manual QA Testing

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Manual QA Testing


Software Testing (Software Quality Assurance) is a 30+ Billion USD Industry today, and expected to grow up to 50 Billion USD by 2020. Nearly 1 out of 2 jobs in IT are in Testing. If you are looking to set foot into this Industry, if you too are looking to build a career in Manual Testing (QA Testing) Industry, then this course is for you. The course provides you with the Testing Fundamentals, Tools & Methodologies, Industry Trends and Career Guidance needed to kick-start a successful career in the Software Testing Industry.

This course is designed specially for people who wants to start thier career in Software Testing or Software Quality Assurance. Course is uniquely designed for the people who want to learn software testing and looking for a job and career in Information Technology. This course covers practical example with real world ium. Even if you do not have any programming or automation background you will have no problem learning. Everything in the course is explained very clearly with examples (Source code for all lectures are included). You will learn the most important Java concepts first so that you can get started. After learning the Java basics we will move on to writing automated tests with Selenium WebDriver using Java. You will learn the Selenium basics while we automate the tests. You will also learn to use TestNG for test executions and assertions. You will be able to Execute Test Suites, view Test Reports, analyze Test Results, and fix and maintain Automated Test Scripts.


  • Learn about Software Testing from scratch; No prior knowledge or experience needed.
  • All the required installation are covered in the lectures and documentation has been covered in the course
  • We recommend Basic of IT SDLC and QA Fundamentals course for our students from EarnQA

    • Over 31 lectures and 8 hours of video training!
    • Gain valuable insight about Software Testing Industry Trends, Job Opportunities, Career path options, Hiring and Salary Trends etc.
    • Learn about Software Testing from scratch; No prior knowledge or experience needed.
    • Master Fundamentals, SDLC Models, Testing Types,Levels and Methodologies prevalent in the Industry.
    • Build STLC Documents like Test Plan, Test Scenarios, RTM, Test Cases, Test Summary etc.
    • Get in-depth exposure to popular defect management and automation tools used in Testing industry.
    • Build your Software Testing Career online with our interview help and career guidance.
    • Make Money Online as a freelance tester using the information we provide exclusively for our students.
    • At the end of this course, you will be able to apply for a QA tester jobs and perform without any issues
    • LIVE PROJECT End to End Software Testing Training Included.
    • Learn Software Testing and Automation basics from a professional trainer from your own desk.
    • Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques.
    • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated.
    • Course content designed by considering current software testing technology and the job market.
    • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
    • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.


    • SDLC Models
    • Testing Types.
    • Testing Methodologies
    • Test Cases and Test Case Design Techniques
    • Test Plan / Test Strategy / QA Strategy
    • Agile Testing
    • Mobile Testing
    • Softare Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
    • Defect Management Life Cycle
    • Automation Testing
    • Software Development Methodologies
    • Cross Browser Testing
    • Software testing on Real Project

    Course Features

    • Lectures 31
    • Quizzes 0
    • Duration 8 hours
    • Skill level All levels
    • Language English
    • Students 931
    • Certificate No
    • Assessments Self
    • Session 1: Project Initiation and Application Architectures

    • Session 2: QA Fundamentals

      • Lecture 2.1 MT – 03 – What are fundamentals of Testing? Locked 10m
      • Lecture 2.2 MT – 04 – What are different forms of QA Testing? Locked 13m
    • Session 3: Requirements and SDLC

      • Lecture 3.1 MT – 05 – What is Requirements flow? Locked 12m
      • Lecture 3.2 MT – 06 – Example of Requirements on Real Project Locked 13m
      • Lecture 3.3 MT – 07 – What is Software development life cycle? Locked 8m
      • Lecture 3.4 MT – 08 – What are different SDLC Models? Locked 12m
    • Session 4: QA Testing Types and Methodologies

      • Lecture 4.1 MT – 09 – What are different QA testing types? Locked 13m
      • Lecture 4.2 MT – 10 – Deep dive on QA Testing types? Locked 16m
      • Lecture 4.3 MT – 11 – What are different QA Testing Methodologies? Locked 13m
    • Session 5: Test Cases and Design Techniques

      • Lecture 5.1 MT – 12 – What are Test Cases? Locked 12m
      • Lecture 5.2 MT – 13 – What are Test Case Design Technques? Locked 11m
      • Lecture 5.3 MT – 14 – Deep dive on Test Case Design Techniques Locked 8m
    • Session 6: Test Plan, Agile Testing and Mobile Testing

      • Lecture 6.1 MT – 15 – What is a QA Test Plan? Locked 11m
      • Lecture 6.2 MT – 16 – What is Agile Testing? Locked 13m
      • Lecture 6.3 MT – 17 – What is Mobile Testing? Locked 11m
    • Session 6: Defects, Bugs and Software Testing Life Cycle

      • Lecture 7.1 MT – 18 – What is Defects Management Life Cycle? Locked 16m
      • Lecture 7.2 MT – 19 – What is Software Testing Life Cycle? Locked 16m
      • Lecture 7.3 MT – 20 – Deep dive on Defects Management Life Cycle? Locked 10m
    • Session 7: Automation Testing and Software Development Technologies

      • Lecture 8.1 MT – 21 – What is Automation testing? Locked 13m
      • Lecture 8.2 MT – 22 – What are different Software Development Technologies? Locked 13m
      • Lecture 8.3 MT – 23 – What are different roles and responsibilities in IT? Locked 17m
    • Session 8: QA Testing Execution

      • Lecture 9.1 MT – 24 – QA Testing all the stuff Locked 18m
      • Lecture 9.2 MT – 25 – Deep Dive on QA Testing Locked 12m
      • Lecture 9.3 MT – 26 – How to Execute Test Cases? Locked 15m
      • Lecture 9.4 MT – 27 – Deep dive on executing QA Test Cases Locked 17m
    • Session 9: Reporting and documenting Defects or Bugs

      • Lecture 10.1 MT – 28 – How to document a Defect? Locked 13m
      • Lecture 10.2 MT – 29 – Deep dive on documenting defects Locked 13m
    • Session 10: Software Testing Process and Cross Browser Testing

      • Lecture 11.1 MT – 30 – What is the entire Software Testing Process? Locked 17m
      • Lecture 11.2 MT – 31 – What is Cross Browser Testing? Locked 19m


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      Wow. This is very detailed course.

      Thanks to

      Outstanding Course!

      Outstanding Course! Very detailed with lots of practical example!

      Great course with complete QA and Manual Testing

      Nice course. It has everything about QA, Manual testing. Requirements, Test process, Test Cases, Test plans, tests executions, test case design, design techniques, defects, defects managements, defect tracking and what not !! It has everything. Loved it.

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